While not claiming to be , in any way, forerunners in the production of Semifreddi, it must be recognised that the Italian Semifreddo, in its unique methods of preparation, is not to be considered as second best to the more celebrated creations from beyond the Alps.

 Semifreddo originated in the kitchens of the nobility, and then became the reserve of high-class restaurants and hotels.

 It remained unknown to the general public as the teams of cooks and pastry chefs were there to serve only the establishments in which they worked.

 The world of Semifreddo is varied and interesting. It is a genuinely good product that merits a wider knowledge amongst both the producer and the public, after having been greatly loved and appreciated in the great retaurants of half the world.



Semifreddo is similar to ice cream. Ice cream has on average 35% to 40% solids and 60% to 65% of water. In the  Semifreddo the proportion of solids rises to at least 45% to 55% and 45% to 55% of water. Once frozen the Semifreddo has less ice, giving a pleasanter texture and making the product less cold, hence the name Semifreddo, which means 'half cold'.

 Gelato goes through various phases in its production, the main ones being pasteurisation and whipping, both mechanical operations in which the ingredients are mixed and frozen.

 The working of a Semifreddo is very different. In the Semifreddo the ingredients, some of which are very light and delicate, are combined at room temperature.

 The mixture is then put into moulds and frozen. If the preparation is done well the result will be a cold dessert much lighter than the Gelato with a fine and delicate taste and structure.




 Here at Freddo BLU we have embraced the most uptodate methods of Semifreddo production using the finest and freshest ingredients, and using modern and traditional decorative techniques. All our Semifreddos are either made to order or are one off creations.

 Buon Apertito! 

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